This could be the death of me

Well I don’t know about you, but I have two weaknesses when it comes to knitting projects. My first weakness is the fact that I hate to gauge, I just hate it, but I am learning that I have to do it. The second weakness is that I don’t like to cast on, well it’s more a love hate relationship. I love casting on because I love knitting, but that’s the only reason I love the cast on. I don’t know what it is about casting on but I don’t enjoy it in the least. The big problem with not liking to cast on I end up putting off starting projects. It’s okay when I have little tedious projects started like the socks that I have started, or the helix scarf. It makes me work on them until I finally give and gauge then cast on, but sometimes I will put it off for a while.

That brings me to my next quirk, I don’t like having more than three works in progress, because one I feel overwhelmed, or two if I don’t like it that much it gets put on the back burners.

Now this past October I did have the socks, the helix, the bohemian hat, the holden shawlette and the lovely leaves all going at once and I did complete them all in a rather timely fashion because I got them all done except the socks and the helix. Plus I started my Rae, after I completed a few of the others.

Now probably by now you are wondering where the title of the post comes in and that is now. I have quite a few projects I want to make this year, two of which are big projects. So this week I am making myself cast on the Jane Austen Raglan sweater, the montview cardigan, another welted cowl, and another cupido. Also if I am feeling especially adventurous the woven shawl. And don’t forget I already have socks that I am working on, the helix scarf, and a secret project. Now that is a lot of ongoing projects. The reason I am doing this is because I hate finishing a project and then putting off starting a new one for weeks just because I hate casting on so if I get the cast on out-of-the-way it eliminates the problem.

Yesterday I went ahead and balled all of the yarn so now all I have to do is gauge and cast on the things I hate the most. So Today is Sunday and I have four, maybe five projects to cast on I will try to post about the start of a new project everyday, which I hope will also keep me on track. Wish me luck, in doing the thing I hate the most and that I don’t get too overwhelmed with so many WIP’s.


All the soon to be WIPs not balled.

All the soon to be WIPs  balled.

All the soon to be WIPs balled.