Too much to knit, so little time

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and I think this maybe the most behind I have ever been since my first Christmas of Christmas knitting. It just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. There are a lot of things to blame for me being behind in Christmas knitting and for the most part it is all my fault. First thing is school work, I have a lot of it and well I the past few weeks I haven’t felt like working on it so it has been taking me forever to get it done (I just recently started having more of a desire to get my homework done early). Secondly I have been biting off  more than I should, I have been volunteering to test knit like crazy. I still have two test knits on the needles which due dates are surprise surprise, in December or January for them. And thirdly I still have so much stuff that I want to make myself that I only want to be selfish.

On the plus side I have my two biggest projects for Christmas knitting almost out of the way, as I mentioned over the summer I made a sweater for my niece and now I am finishing up my nephews sweater. I am knitting him the flax in a bright blue color, I am about halfway done with the body of it and coincidentally it is great textbook reading knitting.

So now that all of that mess is out of the way I have a pretty great announcement.

My Ease by Alicia Plummer is finally finished! After months of talking about it and posting WIP pics it is done and I love it!

1414641_10151723888102027_1577585274_n 1420063_10151723889862027_2023849539_n 1414825_10151723888697027_2012958712_n 1421336_10151723891922027_1985345324_n 1422674_10151723890202027_767953782_n 1456876_10151723889217027_1454355324_n

So here is my project page.

yarn: Cascade 220

colorway: walnut heather

I love the yarn and the color of it! The sweater is great too! It is just so comfy and warm. I had been really wanting to make it for a while and I so glad that I finally did! The only thing that I wish I would have done differently would be to go down a size or two on the neck to make it stand up better.

Oh yeah and now my niece and I can be twinsies when I give her her Christmas gift! Yay! But don’t worry in case you don’t remember my niece is getting one in pink.


The Surprise is out

Well one of the things that I was working on last month was some baby knits. One of my close friends Alicia is pregnant with a little boy so I was quite busy making some stuff up for her and well since she has does read my blog I could not post anything about it, so here is what I was busy working on for her.


IMG_4741 IMG_4740

So I made some burp cloths.

IMG_4731 IMG_4732 IMG_4733 IMG_4730

I made the Parsley sweater from sublime in the sublime book using sublime yarn. Here is my project page, but the pattern isn’t shown on ravelry.

IMG_4734 IMG_4735


I also made the barley hat from tin can knits simple collection. It is a wonderful pattern that is totally free and great for beginners (the whole simple collection is great for beginners). I used knitpicks swish.


IMG_4737 IMG_4738 IMG_4739

The last thing I made was these wonderful and simple little booties. I made the out of knitpicks stroll tweed and I am super happy with them. The pattern is called Baby Booties to Knit in the Portuguese Style and is also free.

I am so happy with how all of the projects turned out and my friend loved them!