52, that’s the number of finished knitting projects I made this year! That is 20 more than last year and 17 more than my all time high in 2011. Because there are so many I decided that I am only going to hit on the top two of each of these categories: most interesting, most annoying, most enjoyable, and most used and well loved things that I made.

First off, the most interesting:

This was my first ever mystery KAL and first ever Stephen West knit. This shawl really pushed me and made me step out of my comfort zone. It was rather exciting not knowing how it would turn out and it was even more exciting to see it finished. This pattern probably had the most interesting construction, which is why it is my number one most interesting.


One more shot of it.

Next most interesting would have to be the mandeville. I haven’t really talked about it yet because the pattern hasn’t been released yet, but I had a lost of fun with it and it too had a very interesting construction.

IMG_4779 IMG_4780I will talk more about the madeville one it gets released.

Now for the most annoying:

Coincidentally they are both Christmas gifts. First up are the sock monkey booties. The reason they are so annoying was because the pattern that I bought was not very well written so I had to rip them out and mix two patterns to get this finished object.


The second would have to be the afterglow, but that was because I made stupid mistakes in sizing, I wrote more on the  sock monkey and afterglow patterns on my ravelry project pages so to save space you can visit those to find out the problems.


Now for the most enjoyable knits of 2014, in first place is the tonic water by babycocktails!

IMG_4927 IMG_4928

The tonic water was actually a gift for my cousin that I just finished yesterday just in time for her Birthday which was yesterday. The reason this was so enjoyable is because it is incredibly well written (which is to be expected I mean it is from babycoctails), but it also looks way more complicated than it really is! I just couldn’t be happier with out it turned out and I loved knitting it up because it had just enough going on the I was always interested, but never overwhelmed. Plus the pattern is pretty easy to memorize.

In second place is the thorough bred by Alicia Plummer.

IMG_4665 IMG_4662

These mitts were so enjoyable the pattern was so much fun, easy to memorize and oh so simple. Also the yarn I used is just wonderful.

Now on to the most used and well loved things of this year. This section is quite difficult because I love all of my hand knits, but if I have to choose they would be the grace and the chocolate stout.

IMG_4654 IMG_4689

I wear both of these cardigans a lot! They fit so well into my wardrobe and they totally are by go to sweaters for outfits.

While looking back through my list of categories and seeing all of the pictures I am reminded of what was going on throughout the year while making those knits, it’s been a long year and I can’t decide if I am sad to see it go or not. A lot of things have happened and it’s funny how things have changed, but it really doesn’t seem to be a big change.

And now I will leave you with the most recent finished Christmas gift, my sisters holden, modeled by my sister.


My mom is still patiently waiting for her present which will get finished after the new year. I’m also sad to report that I have at most 6 WIP’s that will be following me into the new year, hopefully if tonight goes well it will only be 5, but those except for my dang helix scarf will get finished within the first two weeks of the new year so I can start some new stuff!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!


Chocolate Stout

Well  my chocolate stout is done and I love this sweater, ever since the cold weather hit it has been my go to. It is just so cozy and big, it’s like wrapping myself in a blanket. I absolutely love it, but if you would have asked me how I felt about it while I was making it, that is not what you would have heard. While I was making it I didn’t really encounter problems because Thea Coleman is an amazing designer and the design was great not a single error, I just got tired of holding it. The sweater just got so heavy and the cables and weight really took a toll on my wrists, and though it was an aran weight project it just took forever. Other than that I really couldn’t complain.


IMG_4690  IMG_4692

One thing I did have to do differently was I didn’t do as many rows when it came to the button band section (I did all of the rows for the collar though) because the band would have been a lot wider than called for. I did a yarn substitution because the project called for plucky rustic and though I love plucky I just couldn’t buy it for this particular project. So I used cascade eco colorway coffee and besides the issues with the button band it worked well and I’m happy with it.


The buttons surprise surprise are from AddVintage and I’m super happy with them yet again. Overall I just love this project I mean it has pockets, it has cables, a wonderful shawl collar, and it is just so roomy and warm. Though while I was making it I was thinking that I will never make an all-over cabled worsted weight sweater or cardigan ever again, but end result are just so wonderful I’m sure I will make more.

And it begins…

Today is the start of the luvinthemommyhood summer sweater KAL, and boy am I excited. I have been waiting for this KAL for a while now because I knew it would be great motivation to start and finish my grace and Thea Colman’s chocolate stout. If you would be interested in joining the KAL you can join here.

I am planning on using the madelintosh yarn in charcoal that I talked about awhile back for the grace by Jane Richmond.

Madelintosh colorway charcoal to make the Grace cardigan

Madelintosh colorway charcoal to make the Grace cardigan

Then I am planning on using this cascade eco in the colorway coffee for the chocolate stout. I have actually swatched both yarns for each project and started my chocolate stout today, pictures of the progress will be put up later.

With all of these new projects starting today I have been busy finishing up so works in progress the past few days. I finished the Long Sands Cardigan from Amy Christoffers and I have the Abate almost finished up (it will be done tonight) and I have finally gotten good photos of my gemini and different lines shawl. So here’s some pictures of the gemini, different lines shawl, and long sands cardigan.


The Gemini

IMG_4520 IMG_4519 IMG_4525 IMG_4524 IMG_4523 IMG_4532  IMG_4529 IMG_4528 IMG_4527 IMG_4534

I am also participating in the summer wharf and bradbury KAL in the plumdandi ravelry group. I am making the bradbury in some stashed Jagger Spun that has been sitting around in the stash for far to long. I am through the first set of lace and I have two more to go and so far I am really enjoying it.

The Bradury thus far.

The Bradury thus far.

On top of all of this fun knitting I will be wrapping up my second semester of grad school in the next few weeks, only two papers, an article discussion, 100 pages to read and a test standing in my way, then I will get a short break.