Selfish knitting

It feels so good to be able to do some selfish knitting again, at least for awhile (I do have some orders but those I’m not going to start for another week or so).


Here’s my Rae!

On the topic of selfish knitting I have finally finished the scarf called the Rae that I have been in love with for a while. I first fell in love with the scarf when I saw it on Jane Richmond’s ravelry design page. I started this project somewhere around the end of October, on some sock yarn I had lying around and realized that I wouldn’t have enough yarn so I ripped it out. Plus I didn’t really like it that much, it was a true sock

yarn, not something that you would want around your neck. Then I fell in love all over again after I bought the new yarn and started knitting it. The yarn is called Heritage silk by Cascade Yarn (one of my go to yarn brands), the yarn is a luscious 85% merino wool and 15% mulberry silk blend that is a beautiful navy blue color.

About midway through this project it started popping up in my dreams, I’m not joking. I was wearing it with one of my favorite shirts and ever since I had that dream that is all I can think about when I wear that shirt. That made Christmas knitting even harder because I really wanted to finish it, but I knew I needed to be good and get my Christmas knitting done because I was cutting it close anyway. But I finished the scarf Saturday night, I cut it close and had to improvise in the end. That was another hiccup. I technically ran out of yarn, but I finagled it to work. All in all with this hiccup  and all of the hiccups during my Christmas knitting I have definitely learned my lesson and from now on I will gauge. At least right now I can declare it.

So needless to say I was very excited to finish the project Saturday night because that meant I could finally wear the outfit that I have been dreaming/thinking about forever. So here it is my Rae of blue!


Marissa came today! We had a fabulous time!

Marissa came over today! We had a fabulous time!

So besides the fact of me wearing my favorite new go to outfit as I said about my friend Marissa came over and she modeled some of my jewelry, but we also did some baking! We searched Pinterst for recipes and this is what we chose: Nutella stuffed cookies. You can find the recipe at the blog I just linked to in the name of the cookie.

The cookies were delicious, but super messy to make. They didn’t look as messy in the pictures on the blog, but I feel we were to impatient to let the cookie dough chill long enough to not be sticky. Here are some of the pictures my mom took as we were making them.



We made one big cookie with all of the left over dough! It spread and made it look like Mickey Mouse. We made one big cookie with all of the left over dough! It spread and made it look like Mickey Mouse.

Overall it was a successful fun day!


Just an overview

Well the past two months have been an absolute whorl wind. November started Christmas knitting season and I was doing really well and was very much ahead of schedule. I even took on the task of dying yarn for two projects (first time dying experience), a new pattern, and two that I decided to design. Well my first hiccup hit when I made the turtles, they were the new pattern and well i had to crochet which I kind of despise doing and it just took longer than expected. Then I had to rip out the cupido that I was making for my sister because I kept forgetting to do the first step and the holden shawlette for my friend Marissa because I was a dummy and didn’t make a swatch and the gauge was wrong because I was using the wrong needle size.


Here’s the finished cupido. This is also one of the projects that I dyed. The yarn started out a robin egg blue. I dyed it because my sister prefers darker colors.

After all of those hiccups I thought the rough part was over but then I took on the task of making 4 more hats for friends to give as gifts. Being ahead of schedule I thought that would be okay but then I was at Pier 1 with my mom, she bumped something which knocked something glass over and I went to catch it. Needless to say it broke while I was attempting to catch it and I cut my pinky open right where my pinky bends, it needed three stitches.

But alas I got all 17 gifts done before all of their due dates. I am very relieved all my Christmas knitting is done because I can go back to knitting stuff for myself, making jewelry, and designing my own knitting patterns.