Thinking outside of the box

So if you haven’t noticed all of the projects I make are basically neutrals or blue. The for the love of pink welted cowl being an exception to the rule, because I mean it’s coral and salmon and bright and oh so cheerful. The only reason I made it was because I saw other peoples bright cheerful welted cowls and wanted one of my own. More and more recently I have been noticing other peoples  bright and colorful finished objects and well mine are for the most part neutral or at least jewel tones. I think the reason I make neutrals is because I know they will go with everything, they are timeless, and well safe. I even went to Knitting Temptations yarn store in Dublin, OH and Knitters Mercantile in Columbus OH and I  purchased some new luscious yarn, but guess what they are all blue and two of them are so dark I would consider them neutrals.


Madelinetosh vintage, colorway Cousteau and Malabrigo baby silkpaca colorway Teal Feather, and Paris Night.

I feel the need to step out of my box, but I am afraid. Whenever I see projects I love in bright vibrant colors I get kind of jealous, but I rarely take the leap at making one myself. I guess my biggest qualm is that I don’t want to spend that much money and time on something that I will get to wear every once and awhile. I always walk into the yarn store and look at all of the beautiful bright colors and then I always gravitate to the safe colors that I know I will wear.

Well though I bought safe yarn I can’t wait to start working with those three new skeins, and they all already have planned projects, but I will save those for a later post.  I love malabrigo yarn and I can’t wait to try this silkpaca yarn from them, I have only used their worsted, rasta, and sock yarn in the past. And well madelintosh is quickly moving up the list to my top favorite yarns, it is up there with Cascade, Brown sheep, Malabrigo and Manos now.

Are you afraid to step out of your color comfort zone? Or do you jump right into whatever color you are feeling that day? Are there certain brands of yarn you stick to? I would love to hear from you!