End of the Month of WIP’s

Well March has come and gone and boy I am glad it is gone. The month of March was not very kind to me and well the amount of school work was ridiculous, but I know that this month will be worst. Well anyways the month of wip’s was decently productive, I finished 4 projects, 2 sweaters, 1 pair of socks, and a shawl; I still have two shawls, a pair of socks, a sweater left on the needles. I have decided now that I must have at least one but hopefully two of the leftover wip’s done by the end of the following months. Being that the sweater, socks, and one shawl are in the final stretch I don’t think it will be too bad.

So the finished wip’s round-up I guess will start with the one we already talked about, the dissent:

IMG_5018As I stated in the last post this is the dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch, and well I love it.

Now for the socks:

IMG_5034The socks are the Climb socks by Jane Richmond. They were first published in the Journey book, but they are up for individual sale (I do recommend the book though, it is just lovely and the other patterns in the book are beautiful). I think my favorite feature of the socks besides the stripes would have to be the heel. I adore the make-up of this heel, I think what made me like this heel so much was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the gaping that happens when you turn the heel.

Now the sweaters, first up is the Eastwood Cardigan, and boy is this cardigan fun!

IMG_5046 IMG_5049

This cardigan has tons of  fun details and an interesting construction that made working on it a treat! I mean there really isn’t anything bad i can say about this cardigan, I mean it has stripes, it has pockets, and it has a fun triangle pattern on the front panels. The Eastwood Cardigan is an Allyson Dykhuizen design that was published in Holla Knits. The yarn was enjoyable, but just like the Dissent shawl above is also discontinued, but if you are curious the yarn is Sheffield from Valley yarns, it is a merino, angora, silk base.

The final sweater is the Rolling Rock.

IMG_5041 IMG_5037

The Rolling Rock is another Thea Coleman design and as usual it did not disappoint. It has all the features that I have come to expect which are: an enjoyable knit, a great and easy to read pattern, and fun design features. I just love this sweater, but I fear that I have ran out of weather to wear it in being that we have been in the upper 60’s and 70’s this week.

The yarn for this pattern was a treat to work with (I actually used the yarn the pattern calls for which is pretty rare for me), it is plucky traveler sport in the colorway November Skies. It is lovely and well this was my first experience with plucky and I was not disappointed. Plucky is pricey, but the quality of the yarn and the colors make it totally worth it. This yarn has a great depth of color to it that I don’t think any picture could do justice.



Sweater one of the year is done

Well I finished my Jane Richmond Classic Raglan last night as I hoped to, and it turned out great! I think next time though I will make it the next size down because I prefer my stuff a little more fitted, but I do love this sweater. It was just so simple and fun, what made it even better was that I could read my counseling books while making it so I was able to multitask. Generally while I am doing my school work, especially when it is reading my mind tends to drift from focusing on reading to basically everything else in the room and by knitting it helped me focus. It was great, I got so much reading accomplished while working on this sweater.

I didn’t change a thing from the pattern because it was perfect. All in all, I would recommend this sweater pattern to anyone, it would be a great pattern for beginners, and it is enjoyable for the more seasoned knitter as well. Luckily I finished this sweater last night because today was a perfect day for pictures, the sun was out just enough to take some decent pictures. Also the necklace I am wearing is one of my very own designs! What do you think?



In other news though, I have a ton of other on going projects and projects that people have ordered from me, I have decided to join in on my first KAL hosted by Celtic Cast On. The project is the business casual sock pattern by Tanis Lavallee. If you are interested in joining along click here: Celtic Cast On. Cast on starts February 4th 2013 with the bind off date being March 25th 2013 so that will give me 8 weeks to complete the socks. And by doing this I will be one more pair of socks closer to reaching my goal of making 4 socks by December 31st 2013. So far I have two pairs started so starting this one will make 3 out of 4 socks started. Also with it being a KAL I will stay motivated on completing it in a reasonable amount of time.

Welted Cowl

Wcowlell my most recent finished object is the welted cowl from Jane Richmond. I’m really enjoyed knitting it up. It really didn’t take much time at all, the pattern was super simple, free, and one that you could pick up and put back down without the worry of losing your place. Also it gives me a project to use mohair with. I really like mohair yarn, but I can never seem to find projects that I like that mohair would be an appropriate choice for, this is it. I have a feeling that there will be at least one more in the future, who knows. I just know after looking at some other people’s finished project and the colors they used it made me want to cast on another one in the salmon mohair yarn I have had lying around for over two years now.

Just starting out.

Just starting out.

Well back to the pattern. I did switch two things while making it. The first thing I did was use the cable cast on where the pattern called for the long-tail cast on. I chose to do the cable cast on because though the long-tail is faster I hate the idea of having an extremely long-tail left over because I feel like it’s a waste of yarn. Also if I screwed up in the cast-on mohair is incredibly hard to pull out especially when dealing the cast on. So I decided on the cable cast-on because it does have a pretty stable and nice look to it.

The second thing that I did differently was that you are supposed to do 5 knit rows and 5 purl rows

13 times. I only did it 8 times. Mainly because I used up my entire ball of yarn, yes I did have a second ball in the same color/colorway, but I didn’t want to use up only about a 1/4 of that ball and then have it be useless. If it was a solid or an ombre colored yarn I could have used the excess in stripping for a later project, so I would have but it’s not. My friend and Mom said they liked the 8 better any way so it worked out regardless and I like it.

cowl 4cowl 2

Oh, on a completely unrelated topic, I just recently saw this youtube video and found it to be quite funny so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

Selfish knitting

It feels so good to be able to do some selfish knitting again, at least for awhile (I do have some orders but those I’m not going to start for another week or so).


Here’s my Rae!

On the topic of selfish knitting I have finally finished the scarf called the Rae that I have been in love with for a while. I first fell in love with the scarf when I saw it on Jane Richmond’s ravelry design page. I started this project somewhere around the end of October, on some sock yarn I had lying around and realized that I wouldn’t have enough yarn so I ripped it out. Plus I didn’t really like it that much, it was a true sock

yarn, not something that you would want around your neck. Then I fell in love all over again after I bought the new yarn and started knitting it. The yarn is called Heritage silk by Cascade Yarn (one of my go to yarn brands), the yarn is a luscious 85% merino wool and 15% mulberry silk blend that is a beautiful navy blue color.

About midway through this project it started popping up in my dreams, I’m not joking. I was wearing it with one of my favorite shirts and ever since I had that dream that is all I can think about when I wear that shirt. That made Christmas knitting even harder because I really wanted to finish it, but I knew I needed to be good and get my Christmas knitting done because I was cutting it close anyway. But I finished the scarf Saturday night, I cut it close and had to improvise in the end. That was another hiccup. I technically ran out of yarn, but I finagled it to work. All in all with this hiccup  and all of the hiccups during my Christmas knitting I have definitely learned my lesson and from now on I will gauge. At least right now I can declare it.

So needless to say I was very excited to finish the project Saturday night because that meant I could finally wear the outfit that I have been dreaming/thinking about forever. So here it is my Rae of blue!


Marissa came today! We had a fabulous time!

Marissa came over today! We had a fabulous time!

So besides the fact of me wearing my favorite new go to outfit as I said about my friend Marissa came over and she modeled some of my jewelry, but we also did some baking! We searched Pinterst for recipes and this is what we chose: Nutella stuffed cookies. You can find the recipe at the blog I just linked to in the name of the cookie.

The cookies were delicious, but super messy to make. They didn’t look as messy in the pictures on the blog, but I feel we were to impatient to let the cookie dough chill long enough to not be sticky. Here are some of the pictures my mom took as we were making them.



We made one big cookie with all of the left over dough! It spread and made it look like Mickey Mouse. We made one big cookie with all of the left over dough! It spread and made it look like Mickey Mouse.

Overall it was a successful fun day!