The Good and the Annoying

Well the good thing that happened today is that the mailman/FedEx delivered my new yarn and knitting books today. What makes it even better is the fact that there were two different orders, one from knitpicks and one from webs and they both came today!


This is the yarn from webs. It is fibranatura and the colorway is wild lime. I got because I plan on making the Gemini  short-sleeved sweater from Jane Richmond this may and the yarn was on sale so I couldn’t help myself.

This is the yarn I got from Knitpicks. It is from there city tweed collection and the colorway colbalt

This is the yarn I got from Knitpicks. It is from there city tweed collection and the colorway colbalt

I got this yarn because I really liked and wanted to make the Emily Raglan by Lacie Lynnae,, this was the yarn it called for, and they also had sales on books so I got free shipping that way.
I got this yarn because I really liked it and wanted to make the Emily Raglan by Lacie Lynnae, knitpicks dk yarn was the yarn it called for, and they also had sales on books so I got free shipping that way.

Now on to the annoying part I decided to be a good little knitter and block all of my most recent finished objects that were for myself. I am really bad about blocking. Like I never do it, unless there is seaming involved or the shape came out really wonky. But I have been reading a lot of blogs and I have been hearing about all of the benefits of blocking which has started me thinking so I decided I would turn over a new leaf with the new year and block all of my projects. So here is what my dinning room looks like since I decided to block tonight. And yes I have worn at least all of these projects at least once already, and some of these are clear from September.


In this picture starting from the top you can see my rae, my raglan, my welted cowl, my holden shawlette, my bohemian hat, and my lovely leaves slouch hat.

Here's my boyfriend cardigan and a shot of the eucalan soap and t-pins I used.

Here’s my boyfriend cardigan and a shot of the eucalan soap and t-pins I used.

All in all today has been a great day in the world of yarn and knitting for me! I really hope that my raglan dries fast though because it is cold out and I would love to wear it to work tomorrow.


Sweater one of the year is done

Well I finished my Jane Richmond Classic Raglan last night as I hoped to, and it turned out great! I think next time though I will make it the next size down because I prefer my stuff a little more fitted, but I do love this sweater. It was just so simple and fun, what made it even better was that I could read my counseling books while making it so I was able to multitask. Generally while I am doing my school work, especially when it is reading my mind tends to drift from focusing on reading to basically everything else in the room and by knitting it helped me focus. It was great, I got so much reading accomplished while working on this sweater.

I didn’t change a thing from the pattern because it was perfect. All in all, I would recommend this sweater pattern to anyone, it would be a great pattern for beginners, and it is enjoyable for the more seasoned knitter as well. Luckily I finished this sweater last night because today was a perfect day for pictures, the sun was out just enough to take some decent pictures. Also the necklace I am wearing is one of my very own designs! What do you think?



In other news though, I have a ton of other on going projects and projects that people have ordered from me, I have decided to join in on my first KAL hosted by Celtic Cast On. The project is the business casual sock pattern by Tanis Lavallee. If you are interested in joining along click here: Celtic Cast On. Cast on starts February 4th 2013 with the bind off date being March 25th 2013 so that will give me 8 weeks to complete the socks. And by doing this I will be one more pair of socks closer to reaching my goal of making 4 socks by December 31st 2013. So far I have two pairs started so starting this one will make 3 out of 4 socks started. Also with it being a KAL I will stay motivated on completing it in a reasonable amount of time.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

A sweater! I am so excited! Yes I have basically been working on this sweater nonstop, I have rarely put it down for a different project, but details, details I will be wearing this sweater in two days tops! By Sunday I plan to have it finished and oh goodness does it look great! I love this pattern Jane Richmond did it again. She designed a fabulous, simple pattern that you just don’t want to put down. Here are some pictures of the sweater. Also here is a link to my ravelry Raglan sweater project page.

So close to being finished! All that's left is the sleeves and the ribbing around the neck.

So close to being finished! All that’s left is the sleeves and the ribbing around the neck. Oh and excuse my pup Snoopy she didn’t want to move out-of-the-way for the picture.

Due to poor lighting it looks a tad bit yellow/greenish but here is a more aerial view.

Due to poor lighting it looks a tad bit yellow/greenish but here is a more aerial view.

So everything has been going really well with the sweater, I only made one blunder but caught it before I finished. Not thinking I did a 2×2 ribbing when it called for a 1×1. Luckily I was only an inch in, so I pulled it out and started over with the 1×1. I like the look of the 1×1 for this project a lot better than the 2×2. The sweater does fit really well though! I didn’t want to put it on tonight, but when I get completely finished I will totally post pictures of me wearing it. Hopefully in better light.

So I just started one of the sleeves and in doing that I had to pick up twelve stitches and might I add it turned out wonderfully. I was concerned with doing it because this is the first project were it was important I did it right and well I did. I am so happy with how it looks!

Under the arm/armpit where I picked up the stitches! It turned out so well!

Under the arm/armpit where I picked up the stitches! It turned out so well!

Just recently Shannon from luvinthemommyhood posted a link from an older post of hers where Jane Richmond herself made a picture tutorial on the way to pick up stitches click here to go to that post. She also posted here a few other places for tutorials on it.After reading through it I feel loads more confident and I have the result to prove it!.

So besides working on the sweater I have worked on my for the love of pink cowl some, my top-secret project, and I started a new pair of socks with a new technique that I have been too nervous to try until now. The technique is the magic loop and to top it all off besides learning that I also decided to jump in feet first and knit two socks while I am at it, so far it is going very well.

I used the Judy’s magic cast on for the toe, it is my go to sock cast on I love it and I am using the universal toe-up sock formula for the rest of it.


I’m generally pretty OCD about symmetry, but surprisingly enough I really don’t care if my self stripping socks look identical. Now if they were very clear bold stripes I would, but these I really could care less.

More Snoopy pictures! Isn’t she cute?!


What new techniques have you been wanting to try? Do you have a project you just can’ t put down?

Thinking outside of the box

So if you haven’t noticed all of the projects I make are basically neutrals or blue. The for the love of pink welted cowl being an exception to the rule, because I mean it’s coral and salmon and bright and oh so cheerful. The only reason I made it was because I saw other peoples bright cheerful welted cowls and wanted one of my own. More and more recently I have been noticing other peoples  bright and colorful finished objects and well mine are for the most part neutral or at least jewel tones. I think the reason I make neutrals is because I know they will go with everything, they are timeless, and well safe. I even went to Knitting Temptations yarn store in Dublin, OH and Knitters Mercantile in Columbus OH and I  purchased some new luscious yarn, but guess what they are all blue and two of them are so dark I would consider them neutrals.


Madelinetosh vintage, colorway Cousteau and Malabrigo baby silkpaca colorway Teal Feather, and Paris Night.

I feel the need to step out of my box, but I am afraid. Whenever I see projects I love in bright vibrant colors I get kind of jealous, but I rarely take the leap at making one myself. I guess my biggest qualm is that I don’t want to spend that much money and time on something that I will get to wear every once and awhile. I always walk into the yarn store and look at all of the beautiful bright colors and then I always gravitate to the safe colors that I know I will wear.

Well though I bought safe yarn I can’t wait to start working with those three new skeins, and they all already have planned projects, but I will save those for a later post.  I love malabrigo yarn and I can’t wait to try this silkpaca yarn from them, I have only used their worsted, rasta, and sock yarn in the past. And well madelintosh is quickly moving up the list to my top favorite yarns, it is up there with Cascade, Brown sheep, Malabrigo and Manos now.

Are you afraid to step out of your color comfort zone? Or do you jump right into whatever color you are feeling that day? Are there certain brands of yarn you stick to? I would love to hear from you!

New hair, new glasses, and a half way finished sweater

So last week I decided I needed a change so I chopped about five inches of hair off and got a medium bob. The only problem is I feel like it almost acted like miracle grow for my hair because my hair seems to being growing at a rather quick rate. It really doesn’t look like the same hair cut it my opinion and it’s only been about a week and a half, but here a picture of it:

My new hair cut!

My new hair cut!

In the same week of getting my hair cut I got new glasses, of course I didn’t get them until today because they had to order some of it in. I really like them a lot, but I still like my old ones and the prescription isn’t that much different so I can wear both of them. Now some of you may be thinking that using my old glasses won’t help my eyes, but the thing with me is that I have 20/20 vision. The reason I need glasses is because with all the knitting, reading, sewing, and jewelry making I do my eyes get really strained and I get headaches. So here’s a picture of me in my new glasses, and if you were wondering what my old glasses looked like just refer to my last post.

New glasses. The frames are blue if you can't tell.

New glasses. The frames are blue if you can’t tell.

And now about my sweater, so as you all know I started this sweater on the 14, and I have worked on it the 16th-18th now and I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I am really making progress. I am about an 1 and a half inches away from being finished with the waist shaping. So far I have been really enjoying making this sweater and I don’t want to work on any other project really. It is super easy, perfect project to watch tv with, and well it is really pretty. I think the thing that is motivating me the most is I already have some outfits in mind, and I just want to wear it. So here’s a picture of what it looks like so far.

It's coming along :)

It’s coming along!

Challenge Completed

Well I did it, I cast on three projects in three days and had very minor problems. This last started project is the Cupido cowl by Hiroko Fukatsu. I have actually already made two of them so it was a really smooth cast on, but now you may be wondering why am I making a third if I have already made two. Well I gave one to my sister Christy for Christmas here it is:

Now the other cupido is actually a kind of funny story. It is actually identical to the one I am making right now. Which would make sense if I was making it for a friend, but they are both for me or at least the first one was mine for a short period of time, which is why I am making my new one. I really liked my first one, but a friend of mine wanted to buy it from me for the price of the yarn to give as a Christmas gift, I thought she wanted to buy the yarn for me and then I would make it, but our wires got crossed and she wanted to take it home that night and she had the money, so I gave it to her. Not realizing how attached to the cowl I was. After it went home with my friend I really missed it, so I went and bought the yarn again so this is my cupido round 2, exactly the same as the original. Here is a picture of the original:

So all in all my cast on challenge went really well. My only complaint is that I wish I had more connectors for Denise cords set and companion set, 4 just isn’t enough. Also I never realized, but needles size US8 is a really frequently used needle, I use my US6 needles a lot too. I am using it for two out the three cast on challenge projects and my secret project (one that I am designing, that will be posted when I finish it.) What needles do you find yourself using a lot? Is there a project that you have ever been totally attached to? I would love to hear about it!

Well here are some pictures of the beginning of my new cupido and a group shot of all of my ongoing projects minus the helix scarf, but if you click on the hyperlink connected right here you can see it. Also the hyperlink in the picture on the left will take you to that project page on ravelry.

All of my beautiful on going projects.

All of my beautiful on going projects.

More of a close up.

More of a close up.

One of two sweaters I have been putting off…

Well as I have posted in the past, I hate casting on. So when I think of starting a sweater I think about all of those stitches I have to cast on, so I always put it off. Not really thinking about the fact that the two sweaters that I KNOW I want to make are top down which means I only start with roughly a 1/4 of the stitches I will end with. So actually it really isn’t that miserable. I guess there are other things that always had me putting it off , probably the fact that I needed to buy the Jane Richmond Ladies Raglan Pullover, I don’t know what it is, but I always put off buying any pattern. The other thing that has me putting off making either of the sweaters is I just feel that sweaters as a concept are quite daunting.

So I started the Jane Richmond Raglan last night, I have had the yarn for this project well over a year and a half now, but I can never seem to get started, but I finally have and well I love it. It is such a fun and easy pattern and I love the color of it. I really just want to work on it forever until I have it finished so I can wear it all the time. Here are some pictures of it so far:


The beginning of the sweater. What do you think? You can also follow my progress of the sweater on my ravelry page.


The start of my swatch to check the gauge.

The other sweater the title is referring to is the Abbey Pullover, I have had the yarn for it even longer than the Raglan and I have had the pattern almost as long as I have had the yarn.

So far that is two days and two projects cast on. I know that I will have enough cords and connectors from my Denise needles set and companion cord set to start one more project which most probably will be the cupido. I will start that tonight and let you know how that cast on goes. I feel like I will have to put the other two on hold. But that’s probably a good thing since I need to start on the other projects I was hired for that I talked about in the last post.