Gift Knitting

I am a humongous selfish knitter. There I said it and I am not ashamed! I like knitting for myself, there is just something about spending that much money and putting that much time into something that I just hate to give it away. Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love making knitted gifts for my family, especially now since they seem to appreciate it more, but there still nothing like knowing the thing you are working for is staying with you.

This project however is not staying with me though (you might have figured that out with the title),  it is going to a family friend. My friend Barb who is basically like an Aunt to me admires my knit wear, and it just so happens that her daughter do too! You might remember this past Christmas when I talked about a family friend that hired me to make four shawls for her four daughters, that’s Barb (by the way her daughters love the shawls). Well this time Barb asked me to make a cardigan that would be a Birthday gift for her daughter (happily only one daughter this time), and as usual I said yes. She had already decided that she wanted to have me make the Grace because her daughter saw me wearing it and really liked it. Then after much discussion and pining over colors we decided that I was going to make it in tosh light colorway antique lace.  So here it is!


Luckily her daughter is around the same size as me, just shorter, so I was able to try it on as I went.


I have already made myself a Grace cardigan so I knew what to expect so it made it a truly easy project. This time though I decided that once I separated the sleeves from the body I would  knit the sleeves just to get them out of the way. I really liked getting the sleeves out of the way, plus it was super nice to not have the weight of the sweater weighing you down when you work on the sleeves.


I did reinforce the button band like I did for the first grace I made. It still has some kinks to be worked out, but the process was much smoother this time around.


Overall it was a great knit and once I was finished I was kind of sad to see it go because of all the hard work I put into it and well the color is just lovely. But then I told myself that I am knitting the hitofude in that exact color and I already have a grace in a neutral which made parting with it easier.

Pattern: Grace

Designer: Jane Richmond

Project page: here

Yarn: Tosh merino light

Colorway: Antique lace


Lady Bat

So I just finished my first summer sweater of the season and was able to wear it out and about today! The top is called the Lady Bat by Teresa Gregorio.

I just love this top, it is so much fun to wear and is totally a top that could be dressed up or down. I am really looking forward to pairing it with on of my striped jersey pencil skirts that I purchased recently, but because I was going to the ball fields I paired it with a pair of jeans for these photos/day at the ball fields.


It has a super fun construction starting on one sleeve and then working all the way across to the next sleeve. There is absolutely no seaming and the only time you have to pick up stitches is for the bottom ribbing.


The zigzag mesh pattern was really easy to memorize and kept it interesting to work on. The sweater seemed to just fly off of the needles.


I like this sweater so much I am pretty sure that I will make one that is out of 100% wool, it will probably be made out of madelinetosh dk in the colorway tart.

Pattern: Lady Bat

Project page: here

Yarn: knitpicks shine sport (cotton rayon blend)

Colorway: Robot

Mods: none

Overall it is a great sweater and super fun to knit,  wouldn’t suggest this for beginners though.

Summer top 1 done! I am hoping to make at least 8 more summer tops this summer.

Oh and by the way Shannon Cook is having her Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL again and it starts May 7th go here for more details and to sign up!

Are you planning on doing any summer tops? What’s on your needles right now?




New Month

Well the month of WIP’s ended and then this happened:



IMG_5060The first picture is the Grace cardigan by Jane Richmond. This is the second time I am making it, this time it is for a family friend. The yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light colorway antique lace.

The second picture is the Lady Bat by Teresa Gregorio. The yarn is KnitPicks shine colorway robot.

The third picture is just a swatch of what will soon become a Trillian.

As you can probably guess I haven’t touched a WIP since I finished my last one in March, I still have a few left and I hope to get them off of the needles soon. The Grace needs to be finished because it is a gift. The Lady Bat was started because I am itching to start working on warm weather garments and the trillion is part of  a KAL that I will talk about in another post.

What have you been working on? Have you been neglecting any WIP’s?

End of the Month of WIP’s

Well March has come and gone and boy I am glad it is gone. The month of March was not very kind to me and well the amount of school work was ridiculous, but I know that this month will be worst. Well anyways the month of wip’s was decently productive, I finished 4 projects, 2 sweaters, 1 pair of socks, and a shawl; I still have two shawls, a pair of socks, a sweater left on the needles. I have decided now that I must have at least one but hopefully two of the leftover wip’s done by the end of the following months. Being that the sweater, socks, and one shawl are in the final stretch I don’t think it will be too bad.

So the finished wip’s round-up I guess will start with the one we already talked about, the dissent:

IMG_5018As I stated in the last post this is the dissent shawl by Lisa Mutch, and well I love it.

Now for the socks:

IMG_5034The socks are the Climb socks by Jane Richmond. They were first published in the Journey book, but they are up for individual sale (I do recommend the book though, it is just lovely and the other patterns in the book are beautiful). I think my favorite feature of the socks besides the stripes would have to be the heel. I adore the make-up of this heel, I think what made me like this heel so much was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the gaping that happens when you turn the heel.

Now the sweaters, first up is the Eastwood Cardigan, and boy is this cardigan fun!

IMG_5046 IMG_5049

This cardigan has tons of  fun details and an interesting construction that made working on it a treat! I mean there really isn’t anything bad i can say about this cardigan, I mean it has stripes, it has pockets, and it has a fun triangle pattern on the front panels. The Eastwood Cardigan is an Allyson Dykhuizen design that was published in Holla Knits. The yarn was enjoyable, but just like the Dissent shawl above is also discontinued, but if you are curious the yarn is Sheffield from Valley yarns, it is a merino, angora, silk base.

The final sweater is the Rolling Rock.

IMG_5041 IMG_5037

The Rolling Rock is another Thea Coleman design and as usual it did not disappoint. It has all the features that I have come to expect which are: an enjoyable knit, a great and easy to read pattern, and fun design features. I just love this sweater, but I fear that I have ran out of weather to wear it in being that we have been in the upper 60’s and 70’s this week.

The yarn for this pattern was a treat to work with (I actually used the yarn the pattern calls for which is pretty rare for me), it is plucky traveler sport in the colorway November Skies. It is lovely and well this was my first experience with plucky and I was not disappointed. Plucky is pricey, but the quality of the yarn and the colors make it totally worth it. This yarn has a great depth of color to it that I don’t think any picture could do justice.