New hair, new glasses, and a half way finished sweater

So last week I decided I needed a change so I chopped about five inches of hair off and got a medium bob. The only problem is I feel like it almost acted like miracle grow for my hair because my hair seems to being growing at a rather quick rate. It really doesn’t look like the same hair cut it my opinion and it’s only been about a week and a half, but here a picture of it:

My new hair cut!

My new hair cut!

In the same week of getting my hair cut I got new glasses, of course I didn’t get them until today because they had to order some of it in. I really like them a lot, but I still like my old ones and the prescription isn’t that much different so I can wear both of them. Now some of you may be thinking that using my old glasses won’t help my eyes, but the thing with me is that I have 20/20 vision. The reason I need glasses is because with all the knitting, reading, sewing, and jewelry making I do my eyes get really strained and I get headaches. So here’s a picture of me in my new glasses, and if you were wondering what my old glasses looked like just refer to my last post.

New glasses. The frames are blue if you can't tell.

New glasses. The frames are blue if you can’t tell.

And now about my sweater, so as you all know I started this sweater on the 14, and I have worked on it the 16th-18th now and I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I am really making progress. I am about an 1 and a half inches away from being finished with the waist shaping. So far I have been really enjoying making this sweater and I don’t want to work on any other project really. It is super easy, perfect project to watch tv with, and well it is really pretty. I think the thing that is motivating me the most is I already have some outfits in mind, and I just want to wear it. So here’s a picture of what it looks like so far.

It's coming along :)

It’s coming along!