Let’s Spin Part 1

Well as I have mentioned in past posts I have just started spinning with a drop spindle and so far it has been a rather fun experience this second time around and I feel like I may have fallen down the rabbit hole of spinning. I have always wanted a spinning wheel and spinning with my drop spindle has really cemented my desire for a spinning wheel.

My first experience with a drop spindle was in a class that I was taking my final semester in undergrad called The History of Textile and Design. It was a really interesting class where we started with the earliest artifacts and knowledge of clothing and finished a little bit after the Victorian period. We learned some about spindles, looms, natural dyes, carding fiber, and different fibers in that class besides fashion and design and we also had an assignment where we had to replicate an artifact using the technology of that period. My teacher who was also a knitter and a semi-decent drop spindler  had used grant money to purchase some cheap drop spindles for the class (along with other things, like different natural dyes that students got to try out also). I tried my hand at the spindle then and got frustrated because it wasn’t going fast enough for me , I also might have been kind of impatient (I was also working part-time, writing 4 multiple page research papers, doing research for those research papers, writing essays for grad school, and trying to find time to hang out with friends).

Here is a picture of my first attempt at the drop spindle while in that class, back then I thought it was horrible, now looking back I realize I really didn’t do that poor of a job.

IMG_5078Now these may look familiar because I have already posted these, but for those of you just tuning into the blog here is what I spun on my second try with my new spindle. The yarn is a wool Angora blend that came with the spindle.

IMG_5077Now in NO way am I claiming to be an expert with any thing involving spinning and fiber, but I hope to be able to chronicle my experiences and what I have learned along the way for future reference, but also for those of you who are intrigued by spinning, and the drop spindle.

Now I know that this post has gotten extremely long so just stick with me just a little bit longer and I will tell you about my spindle, and the rest can be saved for another post.

Meet my spindle


She is 1.25 ounces Larvikite Crystal Stone Top Whorl Drop Spindle. She came from an Etsy shop called tinasangoras. I am really happy with her and the owners of the shop send out the spindles super quickly and always send sample fibers. Another plus are all the spindles are super pretty especially if you are like me and are a fan of semi-precious stones.






    • It does look quite fancy doesn’t?! The surprising part about this spindle is the fact that it was only $12.50, and she has loads more like this. You should totally give spinning another try, I didn’t think I would ever give a drop spindle another chance, but I did and I am glad. I have an up coming post about different resources that I have found useful that will probably be published in the next day or so.

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