What I should be talking about is my spinning right now (because well I told you in the last post I would), but I really haven’t been working on it much recently and I’m waiting around for WPI (wraps per inch) tool to come in the mail and I have been distracted by other projects so the spinning post will hopefully be towards the end of this coming week. But here’s a picture of what the spindle looks like right now.


Nothing really exciting has been happening around here, I have just been knitting away on the three different projects that I cast on and showed to you in the last post. All three projects are a little bit bigger, some have grown more than others, but I do have a finished object. It hasn’t been photographed because it just got washed last night, but I can show you before bath picture.


This is the trillian and it will have it’s own post later this week too (Or at least I hope).



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