And the games began

Well the Olympics started and before I knew it they were over. My goal for the Olympics was to start and finish two sweaters and as I stated in my last post I only got one finished because I didn’t get the right amount of yarn and when I realized it and ordered the yarn it was too late to get it in on time. So the yarn arrived this past Monday and because of my frustration of not meeting my goal the sweater is in time out.

The sweater I got finished is called the Sundottir (originally called Skydottir but due to copyright issues the name was changed). I thoroughly enjoyed this sweater. Even though my first time starting it I cast on for the wrong size and didn’t realize until I was about 5 inches in so I had to rip out and start all over. The second time around everything turned out perfectly, but during the body of the sweater I was incredibly sick so I don’t even remember working on most of it, but happily it turned out perfectly.

This is my first completed Brooklyntweed pattern, I have a pair of socks started and almost finished that was published through Brooklytweed, but it got put on the back burner during the Olympics.




I really enjoyed the yarn I used. The yarn is Kenzi by Hikoo. It is a 50% Merino Wool/ 25% Nylon/ 10% Angora/ 10% Alpaca/ 5% Silk blend and it feels fabulous. It has a rustic tweedy look, but is soft and washes up beautifully. It was a great substitute for the Brooklyntweed yarn. I haven’t used Brooklyn tweed yet but as you saw in my last post I just got some so I don’t know if I like one more than the other, but Kenzi is a semi affordable yarn if you can’t afford to get Brooklyntweed yarn.

Pattern: Sundottir

My project page: here

Yarn: Kenzi

Mods: I lengthened the arms by about and inch and a half and I am sure glad I did. I have been told I have monkey arms, basically saying that I have really long arms and on average I should technically add length to the arms of any sweater I make. Other than that it was a perfect well written pattern that I would totally suggest to any one.

I knit it up to have no ease and in my opinion the sweater fits perfectly! The sweater also had some back short row shaping that was really nice and I think enhanced the fit of the sweater.

Now onto my shamefully unfinished sweater. It is the Downeast sweater by Alicia Plummer. Like I mentioned above I didn’t get the right amount of yarn so I had to order the yarn. With ordering new yarn I knew it would be a new dye lot so I waited to start the sleeves because I didn’t want any weird striping due to different dye lots. But actually with this sweater nothing seemed to go right. The yarn I ordered back in November was back-ordered until a week before the Olympics started, my local yarn store was out of the double pointed needle size I needed for the sweater so I had to borrow a friends who I luckily got to randomly see because of a class and then I ran out of yarn. It feels like I am not suppose to ever finish this sweater. But enough complaining. Here is my sad unfinished sweater that will be finished next month during the month of WIP’s.

Sorry for the poor quality Iphone picture.

Sorry for the poor quality Iphone picture.

The yarn is berroco vintage chunky which is a decent yarn, it has some acrylic in it and I’m not a fan of acrylic, but it worked for this sweater. I’m not sure if I would use this yarn again. I will post more about this sweater (no complaining promise as long no new obstacle pop up while making the sleeves) once I finish it.

How did your Olympic knitting go? Did you participate in the knitting Olympics? What are you knitting on?



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