New Year, New Goals

Last year I made 52 projects of those 52 I made two kids sweaters, one baby sweater, and 11 sweaters for myself. This year I am dreaming on a much larger scale for finished sweaters. The year I am hoping to have at least 20 sweaters started and made for this year and then to also have the to WIP sweaters from last year finished. It is a very tall order but I think I am up to the task. I contemplated making it 24 which means two sweaters per month but with school and all the other planned projects I decided against it. So here’s hoping that I can reach my goal.

IMG_4939This picture I consider to be about a years worth of projects for me, all of the yarn on those shelves have an exact project in mind. I love being able to stare at all the yarn and envision my up and coming projects. I feel that seeing this everyday pushes me to work harder on my ongoing projects so I can start something new.

IMG_4940This shelf in particular is my favorite, it holds all of my madelinetosh sweater quantities worth of projects and all of my malabrigo, madelinetosh, and indie dyes shawl quantities worth of yarn.

What are your goals for the year?




  1. Madelinetosh sweater quantities?! “Lucky!” (said in Napoleon Dynamite voice.). I am using Lowlands dk for cowl and wristwarmers and I am mesmerized by the greens and blues. One of these days I’ll get a sweater’s worth…
    On a different note, I like your new blog design. I didn’t even realize you designed jewelry or had a pattern out there, so it’s very visible and easy to locate now. I really need to get in gear a change my blog header. I always forget how I did it the year before and spend way to much time, just to realize it was something very simple in the end :). Happy new year! Can’t wait to see your yarn stacks evolve into clothing.

    • I love the color of Lowlands, and yes I guess I am pretty lucky. I like purchasing them through webs because you get a discount when purchasing larger quantities of yarn. And thanks I’m glad you like the design, it’s more me than the last one. I have been wanting to change it for awhile, but I was like you I never wanted to take the time.

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