Christmas Won

Well you know how in my last few posts I talked about all of the knitting that I had left and that it would take a Christmas miracle it get it all done, well no Christmas miracle happened. The realization hit at 4:00 am Christmas morning when my eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer and I had two unfinished Christmas gifts left. The gifts were for my mom and sister, both of which knew I had a lot to do and had told me that it was okay if there gifts weren’t finished in time.

But I have to give myself credit I did get a lot of gifts done, so here are the pictures of all the finished gifts (not modeled by the people they were made for)

IMG_4864 IMG_4879 IMG_4885 IMG_4890 IMG_4897 IMG_4901 IMG_4903 IMG_4907 IMG_4908 IMG_4912

I will post pictures of my moms and sisters one they are fully finished and my cousin kit’s birthday gift when it gets finished, but until then, I have more knitting to do.




  1. Wow, Patricia! When did you start working on all of them? That’s an incredible amount of gifting. Somehow you’ve knit a bunch for yourself this year, too! I remember staying up late, working on knitted picture frame mats one Christmas. I said, “Never again.” I did do it again, but I’ve started cutting off any frantic knitting days before Christmas. Now, I did do other crafts Christmas Eve…

    • I made the pink sweater back in July and the blue sweater in November. The rest I started working on around December 1st. And yes I did knit a lot this year, I think it is the most I have ever knit in a year. In a few days I will do a project round up post and hit on favorites, least favorites, and how much I really did knit this year.

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