A time to Reap

So I realized today that I forgot to blog about one of my test knits since it has been released.

So here it is, A Time to Reap


Rav project page here.

Pattern: A Time to Reap

Designer: Melissa Schaschwary, also know as dandiliongrl

Yarn: Zitron Trekking Undyed

I adore this pattern! It is very clearly written and is a fun knit. There is just enough detail to make in fun and interesting, but the pattern is very easy to memorize. Then it has a nice stockinette section to break of the pattern, but it doesn’t stay too long in stockinette to get boring. When I finished I had about 50 grams of yarn left over so it only took half a ball of yarn to make these beauties.

As you can see in the title this yarn was originally undyed. I dyed this yarn up and I couldn’t be happier with it, I hit just the right shade of purple (luckily), because I wanted something that was light enough to look delicate and elegant like the mitts, but just dark enough not to show too much dirt too easily.

And for your viewing pleasure one more picture. There are more pictures on my ravelry project page.


Also an update on Christmas knitting, I have gotten my dad’s slippers done, the sock monkey booties just need the final details sewn on, I have a hat done for one of the little girls I babysit (one more to go), i have started my mom’s slippers and my sisters shawl, and I have dyed my other sisters yarn for her scarf. I also had the meeting with the family friend instead of one sweater it is three shawls, should be four, but she loved one of mine so much I went ahead and gave it to her and she gave me the money to buy the yarn to make myself a new one.



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