Challenge Accepted

My Christmas knitting is hitting an all time crazy level. It is currently December 2nd and I have two kids sweaters done, so you would think that I was doing pretty good right? Wrong! I still have two pairs french press felted slippers to make for my mom and aunt, nola slippers for my dad, the amy scarf for my sister (which I need to dye the yarn for), a holden shawlette for my other sister, a tonic and water for my cousin Kit, sock monkey booties for my baby cousin Blake, design a baseball pillow for my nephew, and now I have to make a sweater or shawl for the daughter of a family friend (what will be made will be determined tomorrow).  Luckily the tonic and water doesn’t have to be done until after Christmas.

This Christmas I totally bit off more than I can chew, but who needs sleep anyway? I mean that’s why they made makeup and coffee right? So wish me luck and in the famous words of Barney Stinson “Challenge Accepted”

And since I don’t have any finished object picture ready yet here are some pictures of some of my new yarn.


My nephews finished flax by tincan knits. I hope to have to good finished object photo’s by the end of the week.


This is from the fiber fangirl. It is a silk and alpaca mix destined to be some cloudy day leg warmers.


This and the grey/white malabrigo lace below will be a color block featherweight cardigan.


This will be used for the featherweight cardigan.


This will be the bough from the latest wool people.


This will be the main color of the tonic and water.


This was from the last installment of the Bumblebirch fall yarn club. It’s called sly fox.


And well this I got because it looks pretty. It doesn’t have a project yet.

 I have some good news though, my semester is almost over and with all of these projects I should be blogging more, or at least I  hope so! Happy Knitting and Crafting!

What Christmas knitting are you doing? Are you in over your head this year?



  1. I think I’d have to give some rain checks if it were me! But, wow, you have some beautiful yarns and great patterns to amuse you, at least. I usually stick with Knit picks and less expensive yarns like Cascade.
    I have one pair of boot cuffs, socks, and a hat left and then my Christmas knitting is over. Hopefully I can do those and finish the sleeves on my other two WIPs by Christmas.

    • Michelle to be honest when it comes to Christmas gifts I have a hard time saying no. And I had my meeting with the family friend and instead of a sweater it is three different shawls, technically 4, but I gave her my mandeville since she liked it so much and she is buying the yarn so I can make another one for myself to replace the one I gave her. Since this post I have one nola slipper completed and the sock monkey booties almost completed (I just have to finish the ears and the sew every on them). So I think I am making decent progress. And well the yarn I generally go the knitpicks or the cascade root for bigger projects, but smaller ones I can’t help myself, plus I love so many indie dyers work.

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