Chocolate Stout

Well  my chocolate stout is done and I love this sweater, ever since the cold weather hit it has been my go to. It is just so cozy and big, it’s like wrapping myself in a blanket. I absolutely love it, but if you would have asked me how I felt about it while I was making it, that is not what you would have heard. While I was making it I didn’t really encounter problems because Thea Coleman is an amazing designer and the design was great not a single error, I just got tired of holding it. The sweater just got so heavy and the cables and weight really took a toll on my wrists, and though it was an aran weight project it just took forever. Other than that I really couldn’t complain.


IMG_4690  IMG_4692

One thing I did have to do differently was I didn’t do as many rows when it came to the button band section (I did all of the rows for the collar though) because the band would have been a lot wider than called for. I did a yarn substitution because the project called for plucky rustic and though I love plucky I just couldn’t buy it for this particular project. So I used cascade eco colorway coffee and besides the issues with the button band it worked well and I’m happy with it.


The buttons surprise surprise are from AddVintage and I’m super happy with them yet again. Overall I just love this project I mean it has pockets, it has cables, a wonderful shawl collar, and it is just so roomy and warm. Though while I was making it I was thinking that I will never make an all-over cabled worsted weight sweater or cardigan ever again, but end result are just so wonderful I’m sure I will make more.



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