Recently I have been doing quite a bit of test knitting and one of those patterns just got released on ravelry yesterday.  That pattern is called  thoroughbred by Alicia Plummer.

The pattern is such a beautiful, fun, and simple design, with an added bonus of knitting up really quickly. I absolutely loved working on it and the yarn, well it was delicious, and I will totally work with it again! Here’s my project page.

The yarn is from Swans Island and the colorway is called verdigris. The special thing about this yarn is  that it is an ecowash wool, but not the ecowash we all know, it’s different. It is so much softer and more luxurious to work with and the colors are gorgeous. Swans Island uses this new process that coats the fiber with an organic compound instead of stripping the scales off of the fiber with harsh chemicals. The yarn is also made in the US which in my opinion is an added bonus.


IMG_4665 IMG_4663 IMG_4662 IMG_4670 IMG_4660

I didn’t modify anything the only thing I did do was add an extra repeat in the body to make them a little longer because I like my fingerless gloves to go more down my arm, by adding the extra length I basically used up all the yarn there was only a little ball left over that isn’t enough to do anything with.



  1. Lengthening them was a good call. I like more of an arm warmer style too. What made you choose Swan’s Island? I once visited a friend in Maine and saw brochures about Swan’s Island and their awesome, awesome blankets. But I haven’t really seen anyone knit with the yarn. Very cool project.

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