Hermione Socks

I have a lot of things flying off of my needles recently and my Hermione socks are one of those things. I had been wanting to knit them for a while now and a KAL seemed to be just the thing to get me to start them. The Hermione sock KAL was hosted by knityorkcity on Kollabora.

With the socks I used some leftover sock yarn from another pair of socks I had made the yarn is poems by wisdom yarns. I really like the yarn, but my skein seemed to have a few yarn breaks where the yarn was tied together and it was a thick and thin yarn, and well the jury is still out on how I feel about thick and thin yarn. I had to modify the pattern because I decided to knit needle size US 2 and the first time I started them they were to big so instead of casting on 64 I cast on 56. I was much happier with the size of the socks after that. Working with the 56 stitches wasn’t bad I just had the split even between the two needles and when it came to working the heel I just subtracted 4 from whatever the original total was, so all in all my modifications didn’t cause me too much grief and made me a perfect pair of socks. Here my ravelry project page.

IMG_4673 IMG_4672 IMG_4671



  1. Nice work! Yours fit really well, Patricia. I like the fit of mine, but I probably could have reduced my stitches more, to 48, and had a tighter fit. Oh well, I learned some things and I really liked this pattern. I think I’ll be doing more. I always see Poems and think it would make a good Noro substitute, but I’m not sure now.

    • Thanks! I really like yours too! I haven’t completely thrown in the towel with poems yet. I usually have a three strikes and you’re out rule unless it’s really bad. That is the only skein I have worked with, but I will probably give them a go again just because I do like the end results and they are at a decent price. Now I think my biggest thing about poems is the thick and thin aspect, I just don’t know how I feel about thick and thin yarn.

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