And it begins

The past two weeks I have been busy trying to get lot of  knitting in and lots of fun activities in for the little girls I watch since school was quickly approaching. Yesterday the girls went back to school so I’m transitioning  to watching them after school only and I start back to school on Monday. I know I have said each semester that this will be a hard semester, but I only have one syllabus and well even if all of the other classes are easy it will still be a tough semester with this class. Enough about school. Besides watching my usual girls I also helped out some other family with sitting or dog sitting so it made the past two weeks go by fast.

Here’s my past two weeks in pictures.


I did splatter painting with the girls, they absolutely love it! I don’t know if you can see it or not but if you look close enough right below the one girls hands you can see the paint flying.


IMG_4603 There finished project.


Then since they were covered it paint I wanted to hose the paint off, and it turned into a water war.


Then they decided they wanted to learn how to knit. The youngest one decided that she wasn’t ready and that she would try when she got older but the oldest one and their step sister really caught on!


The step sister who I watch on occasion knitting her first scarf.


The dog that I watched for a day! Isn’t she the cutest!


I have been also wanting to make a t-shirt yarn basket and the girls helped me make the yarn from my old t-shirts.

Besides all of that going we have a lot of Birthdays coming up this month and next month in our family. Like my sisters is today and my moms is tomorrow. I still don’t know what I am getting my sister because well, we have different taste in clothes and jewelry and I hate just giving money, but I may just have to do that. But my mom I decided to resurrect a WIP and give it to her, I can always make another one for myself.


Remember these? That’s what my mom’s getting. I had the heel almost done but then I messed up somewhere and decided to rip out and do a slip stitch heel flap instead since I’m still new to this magic loop thing. Another reason why I wanted to get these socks done is because Kollabora is hosting a KAL of the everyday Hermione sock pattern which I have been wanting to make plus I wouldn’t mind winning one of the prize yarns either.

Besides all of that I did finish my grace, I have no pictures of me wearing it yet, but I hope to get them taken soon. I also have basically one sleeve completely done with my chocolate stout, but I don’t have pictures of that, but here is my grace blocking.

20130823-114857.jpg 20130823-114756.jpg

The buttons are some of the ones I got from AddVintage don’t they look great with them?!


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