Christmas in July

Earlier this year I came up with this great idea. My idea was that since I generally hit a wall with my knitting in the summer months I would start my Christmas knitting then just so I wouldn’t be in mad frenzy of trying to accomplish all the Christmas knitting during November and December. My plan was foiled though because I haven’t hit a knitting wall, I have a ton of things that I want to make for myself, and I have been in KAL pretty consistently. Though I didn’t get nearly as much Christmas knitting done as I expected with July coming to a close and coincidentally Christmas¬† July just having past I do have one project to show you. So here it is my abate modeled by one of the little girls I babysit.img_4543

Outside of that I don’t have anything else finished, but I have lots on the needles. But none of the projects on the needles are Christmas gifts, but alas I am a major procrastinator, they will all get done eventually.



  1. Well that one project is beautiful! I love the coral color. I am the same way with so many projects I want to make for myself. I used to feel bad, like it was selfish not to make more for others and I used to knit for others more. It’s just few people really appreciate handmade/ wool around me. i find i learn more about the process with the things i make for myself- maybe because I see how they wear and am not on a knitting time schedule. Plus, knitting for myself is one of the only things I do for myself. I spend much of my day serving my family, helping my grandparents. I rarely go shopping, rarely eat out, don’t get haircuts often, etc. I figure I’m saving money and staying out of trouble with my handmade habit.

    • Thanks, I really like the color too, it’s like the perfect little girl color! I don’t necessarily feel guilty because I only knit stuff as gifts or special requests, but my family and most of my friends really do appreciate all of the hard work I put into it (I feel like the reason they appreciate it is because they see how much time goes into it). I think for me knitting is the only thing that keeps me occupied, I really don’t do much of anything besides work and school. I don’t really go out and do things, if I didn’t have knitting I would be really bored.

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