Too much knitting…

Recently people have been telling me I knit too much, and you know sometimes I think they are right. But you know I always have my knitting. So here is what is going on in my knitting world because though I have been absent again from blogging, I have not quite knitting no matter how many times I have been told I knit too much.

This past Sunday I finished my different lines shawl, and well I love it! It is just so pretty and the Luna Grey yarn though it started out a little rough once I washed it, it softened right up. The pattern was super easy to follow also, overall great yarn and great project.


I will try to get some non-camera phone pictures as soon as possible.


I was only able to do 13 stripes because I would have run out of yarn doing the 14th, but other than that I couldn’t be happier.

Since my last post besides finishing the shawl I also worked more on my abate and stated two other sweaters. The Pontos from the yarnaid and the ease from Alicia Plum.


Here’s the Ease, I absolute love it so far. This is my homework knitting project though so I only work on it while I’m reading textbooks.


Here’s the Pontos, so far it is rather enjoyable and has an easy mesh/lace pattern to follow.


Here’s the Abate which is for my niece. It is so close to being finished!

And just in case I don’t have too many projects or especially sweaters going I am planning on starting Amy Christophers Long Sands Cardigan in billow from Knitpicks.


The color is spearmint.

The color is spearmint.

And when I think I knit too much I think about this quote:

“the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”



  1. Oh man, I love Pontos and Ease! I really wanted to buy a tonal yarn for it, but I knew I needed to use what I have on my many queued projects. I knit a lot too, but still I can’t keep up with my stash.
    I love your taste in projects, Patricia. I’m not sure how the neckline is worked for Ease, are you doing a drawstring collar or wide neckline? I can’t wait to see it finished. In with you about having a reading project.

    • I can’t keep up with my stash either! And thanks, I like your taste in projects also. This Ease I plan on making it with the drawstring collar, but I have a feeling I am going to want two of these, maybe one that isn’t a neutral, that one I may make with just the wide neck.

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