I love deadlines

Just recently I have realized that I love and need deadlines. If I don’t have deadlines the things I really have no interest in making or doing and things that I find difficult or boring will never get done. Like home work, if it didn’t have concrete deadlines, I would never get it done, because well I am the queen of procrastination. Another example quite a few months ago I told you that I was hired to make and design two pairs of fingerless gloves, I was told that I didn’t need to have them done until June 11 which is the last day of school. Well guess what I really haven’t worked on them seriously until, well now. But they are almost done now, I have one pair done and the other pair started. Also I set a huge project deadline everything that I have on the needles minus the helix scarf and a pair of socks were also to be done by June 11th. Which means the gemini, love braid cardigan, strathcona, mackinac, cap sleeve lattice top, annis, baby bunny hat, and two pairs of fingerless gloves. I set this back at the end of March and I’m proud to report the annis and one pair of fingerless gloves are left.

Deadlines are great! It just took me almost 23 years to figure that out. Now as I mentioned above the Gemini and the Love braid are complete. Now I don’t have pictures of the Gemini yet but they are coming soon. But here is the Love Braid.

IMG_4479 IMG_4480 IMG_4481

I really enjoyed making it surprisingly, and well I actually enjoyed seaming it up also. Maybe the fact that I enjoyed seaming it up will help me to power through some up and coming projects that require seaming also.

Now with the love braid cardigan I ended up running out of yarn and having to buy more because I chose to knit an extra half an inch to the arm before I started the shoulder shaping. By adding on that extra length I had to buy an extra ball and only use 6 grams of it, but it was worth it because it fits just right. It would have been tighter than I would have liked around the arms other wise. S0 I love the fit and I am so happy with it!



  1. I said it on the KAL thread but it bears saying again: you have tried so many unique projects that it’s very inspiring. I feel like I’m road testing some things thru you. I know I’ll be making something like the cap sleeved lattice top for sure, but now I want to try some other unusual knits too.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate it! I have really tried to step up my knitting this year and step out of my comfort zone with patterns and color choices. If you look at my past projects on my rav project page you will see there isn’t anything too interesting and well hardly any garments.

      I really like all of your projects too! It seems like we have very similar taste in patterns!

  2. that braid is so cool! i haven’t seen that pattern!

    i know what you mean about deadlines! i’m the same way, though i am ever so very slowly getting a little better… can’t wait to see your new mitts!

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