Growing up I have always loved strawberries, but I never knew I could love strawberries so much until last week. Last Thursday my Mom, Aunt, and I woke up and went strawberry picking at a local farm called Stacy’s at 7 in the morning. The only reason I was okay with getting up that early was the thought of fresh strawberries and the fact my Mom told me I could make the fresh strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream icing. So as soon as we got to the farm and opened the doors you could already smell the strawberries, I was in love. We ended up picking berries for about an hour and a half, the results of an hour and a half picking was my mom and I coming away with roughly 66 lbs of strawberries and my aunt had roughly 33 lbs of strawberries.

The back of my Aunt's car right before we left.

The back of my Aunt’s car right before we left.

20130530-001716.jpg 20130530-001836.jpg 20130530-001850.jpg

After we got home my friend Marissa and I cleaned some strawberries and put them in our cereal. We were both pretty sure that was the best cereal we had ever had.

Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and fresh picked strawberries.

Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds and fresh picked strawberries.

After we ate breakfast we got cleaned up to go out and get some ingredients so we could make the fresh strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream icing. While we were gone my mom went to work removing the caps to all the strawberries because we got most of the strawberries to make jam with. Some of the strawberries were saved to eat fresh, for the cupcakes, for two pies, and to make some smoothies.

So about the cupcakes. They were amazing! This was the first time I have ever made cupcakes and icing from scratch. Marissa and I were in heaven and everyone who tried them said they were amazing. One friend of mine said “it’s like a party in my mouth.” Needless to say there were a hit and will totally become a strawberry season tradition. Making the cupcakes though made me really wish I had a kitchenaid mixer. It would have been ideal, I ended up blowing out my moms little cheap mixer and having to run up to my aunts to finish the icing with her kitchenaid mixer.

The amazing batter.

The amazing batter.


Marissa with all of the cupcakes.


The pretty finished product. It was so good!

I would recommend that recipe to anyone. After all of the cupcakes were gone, either from us eating them, family get together, or me giving them away to friends my mom made a homemade strawberry pie. The pie filling recipe came from my grandma and boy was it good.


The pretty pie.


This is my nephew. He decided to eat the pie like it was a piece of pizza.

All the strawberries are either gone or in the freezer already mashed waiting to be turned into jam, which though the jam is good I am totally missing the fresh strawberries, but I over heard my mom saying that she may go picking again before the season is over to make some more pies. I can only hope.

Do you have any good strawberry recipes? Have you ever had fresh hand picked strawberries?


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