Friendship, Knitting, Talking, and Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I think there is nothing more refreshing than a Saturday spent knitting, eating, and talking with one of your closest friends. This past Saturday I drove down to Charleston West Virginia and met with my friend Alicia. She is actually one of the girls who taught me how to knit, and well I knew I needed this weekend, but I didn’t realize how much until I was driving home. Our day started out at the Capital Market in Charleston, it was the first time both of us had ever been there. It was a really fun place and we got to sit and catch up while we waited for the local yarn store to open. Next we went to the Kanawha City Yarn Company, we walked around and stared at the yarn forever. It was one of those times where we had the money to splurge, we had projects in mind, but we just couldn’t find something that stuck out to us. Right when we were about to leave it hit me, I was wanting to buy yarn to make the Grace cardigan from Jane Richmond, well they didn’t have enough of one colorway for it. Then I remembered that I had a skein of madelintosh colorway charcoal that I had purchased from there back in November and they had two other skeins of it so I purchased it and well it’s perfect!

Madelintosh colorway charcoal to make the Grace cardigan

Pretty soon after I picked out the charcoal yarn, Alicia started inquiring about the Strathcona pattern from Jane Richmond. I had first mentioned it to her early on in our shopping because I was planning on making it, and we were both looking at summer project yarn purchases, at first she said she wouldn’t wear a scarf during the summer, but by this point I had her worn down. So she started looking at yarn for that and well she found it and we decided to do a KAL together starting April 1. The yarn we picked out is really cool because it is made from recycled blue jeans, and well Alicia have the same color preferences so we ended up picking the same color.

Kollage Yarns Riveting colorway beach denim.

Kollage Yarns Riveting colorway beach denim.

After we left the yarn store we ate at Graziano’s Pizza which is on Capital st and is absolutely delicious. Then we moved on to Taylor Books, which is a locally owned book store and coffee shop. It has a wonderful environment, great coffee, and comfy seats. We ended up staying there for a good 4 and half to 5 hours just talking about knitting, yarn, school, God, relationships, work, and whatever else came to mind. We both got a lot of knitting done and I personally can’t wait to meet up again. She is just one of those friends who I know we will stay close, and though we may not see or talk to each other for months at a time when we get together it is like we were never a part. I am truly blessed to have a friend like her.

Us in Taylor books with our knitting and handmade project bags from our friend Betsy.

Us in Taylor books with our knitting and handmade project bags from our friend Betsy.

Overall it was a great day and it helped me to relax some. Also the knitting day got me working on my welted cowl as you can see it in the picture above and I actually finished it up last night, so whenever I can get someone to take good pictures of my finished objects on me I will have a post about all of my finished objects.

Also just recently I came across this song and I thought I would share it, I hope you enjoy!


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