Sweater one of the year is done

Well I finished my Jane Richmond Classic Raglan last night as I hoped to, and it turned out great! I think next time though I will make it the next size down because I prefer my stuff a little more fitted, but I do love this sweater. It was just so simple and fun, what made it even better was that I could read my counseling books while making it so I was able to multitask. Generally while I am doing my school work, especially when it is reading my mind tends to drift from focusing on reading to basically everything else in the room and by knitting it helped me focus. It was great, I got so much reading accomplished while working on this sweater.

I didn’t change a thing from the pattern because it was perfect. All in all, I would recommend this sweater pattern to anyone, it would be a great pattern for beginners, and it is enjoyable for the more seasoned knitter as well. Luckily I finished this sweater last night because today was a perfect day for pictures, the sun was out just enough to take some decent pictures. Also the necklace I am wearing is one of my very own designs! What do you think?



In other news though, I have a ton of other on going projects and projects that people have ordered from me, I have decided to join in on my first KAL hosted by Celtic Cast On. The project is the business casual sock pattern by Tanis Lavallee. If you are interested in joining along click here: Celtic Cast On. Cast on starts February 4th 2013 with the bind off date being March 25th 2013 so that will give me 8 weeks to complete the socks. And by doing this I will be one more pair of socks closer to reaching my goal of making 4 socks by December 31st 2013. So far I have two pairs started so starting this one will make 3 out of 4 socks started. Also with it being a KAL I will stay motivated on completing it in a reasonable amount of time.



  1. I knit the classic ralgan twice and although I love my first one, I”m wearing it now infact, the 2nd version I knit was with a lighter worsted and I really love how it is a bit more fitted.
    Glad to have you on board for the KAL too. You’ll be done 4 pairs in no time!

    • Thanks! I worked on it a total of 12 days in two weeks time, I started it January 14 and finished it on the 27th. My advice with knitting is take the leap you will be so happy once you do. When I first started knitting I made like 7 scarves, then my friends who taught me basically forced me into making a pair of mittens, and well I have never looked back. When I made my first sweater it took me a month and I had been knitting for more than a year and a half. I was very scared to start it, but I was so happy once it was finished.

      So basically knitting something other than a scarf can seem scary, but you should totally take the leap. If you think you made a mistake, go to a local yarn store and ask for help or if you have a friend who knits. If you want to make a sweater the sweater above would be a great pick, perfect for beginners, also the designer is super nice and if you messaged her with an issue understanding the pattern I know she would try to help and I would also be here if you have any questions.


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