Challenge Completed

Well I did it, I cast on three projects in three days and had very minor problems. This last started project is the Cupido cowl by Hiroko Fukatsu. I have actually already made two of them so it was a really smooth cast on, but now you may be wondering why am I making a third if I have already made two. Well I gave one to my sister Christy for Christmas here it is:

Now the other cupido is actually a kind of funny story. It is actually identical to the one I am making right now. Which would make sense if I was making it for a friend, but they are both for me or at least the first one was mine for a short period of time, which is why I am making my new one. I really liked my first one, but a friend of mine wanted to buy it from me for the price of the yarn to give as a Christmas gift, I thought she wanted to buy the yarn for me and then I would make it, but our wires got crossed and she wanted to take it home that night and she had the money, so I gave it to her. Not realizing how attached to the cowl I was. After it went home with my friend I really missed it, so I went and bought the yarn again so this is my cupido round 2, exactly the same as the original. Here is a picture of the original:

So all in all my cast on challenge went really well. My only complaint is that I wish I had more connectors for Denise cords set and companion set, 4 just isn’t enough. Also I never realized, but needles size US8 is a really frequently used needle, I use my US6 needles a lot too. I am using it for two out the three cast on challenge projects and my secret project (one that I am designing, that will be posted when I finish it.) What needles do you find yourself using a lot? Is there a project that you have ever been totally attached to? I would love to hear about it!

Well here are some pictures of the beginning of my new cupido and a group shot of all of my ongoing projects minus the helix scarf, but if you click on the hyperlink connected right here you can see it. Also the hyperlink in the picture on the left will take you to that project page on ravelry.

All of my beautiful on going projects.

All of my beautiful on going projects.

More of a close up.

More of a close up.


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