One of two sweaters I have been putting off…

Well as I have posted in the past, I hate casting on. So when I think of starting a sweater I think about all of those stitches I have to cast on, so I always put it off. Not really thinking about the fact that the two sweaters that I KNOW I want to make are top down which means I only start with roughly a 1/4 of the stitches I will end with. So actually it really isn’t that miserable. I guess there are other things that always had me putting it off , probably the fact that I needed to buy the Jane Richmond Ladies Raglan Pullover, I don’t know what it is, but I always put off buying any pattern. The other thing that has me putting off making either of the sweaters is I just feel that sweaters as a concept are quite daunting.

So I started the Jane Richmond Raglan last night, I have had the yarn for this project well over a year and a half now, but I can never seem to get started, but I finally have and well I love it. It is such a fun and easy pattern and I love the color of it. I really just want to work on it forever until I have it finished so I can wear it all the time. Here are some pictures of it so far:


The beginning of the sweater. What do you think? You can also follow my progress of the sweater on my ravelry page.


The start of my swatch to check the gauge.

The other sweater the title is referring to is the Abbey Pullover, I have had the yarn for it even longer than the Raglan and I have had the pattern almost as long as I have had the yarn.

So far that is two days and two projects cast on. I know that I will have enough cords and connectors from my Denise needles set and companion cord set to start one more project which most probably will be the cupido. I will start that tonight and let you know how that cast on goes. I feel like I will have to put the other two on hold. But that’s probably a good thing since I need to start on the other projects I was hired for that I talked about in the last post.


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