For the Love of Pink!

I'm finally getting to join it in the round.

I’m finally getting to join it in the round.

Day one of my cast on multiple projects in one week adventure: I started with a pattern I have already done, the welted cowl, besides being familiar with the pattern it’s also a project where gauge really doesn’t matter so it wasn’t a completely horrible cast on.

So I was meaning to first cast on after my this will be the death of me post, but alas even though I had already picked the easy, familiar, no need to truly gauge pattern I still drug my feet. It wasn’t until around 6 in the evening did I finally start the project. All was going according to plan until I stopped to count how many I had cast-on, surprisingly I had cast on well over 20+. The reason that is so surprising the pattern calls for 132 usually when it is in the hundreds I am usually under. So I went to pull out the excess stitches and guess what I did? Being careless and not paying attention I pulled them from the wrong end where the slip knot is, which meant I had to start all over. Luckily I was able to pull it all out without any kinks which is also surprising since I am working with mohair, I feel like the cast on I used is what made it so easy. If you read my welted cowl post you would know that I used the cable cast on method which is what I used on this one, even though the pattern calls for the long-tail cast on. I have tried to pull a long-tail cast on out with mohair and it just turned into a knot.

Well after that mishap which made me cast on twice, I finally was able join in the round and get to work on it a bit last night.


Now about the yarn it is pink if you knew me you would know that the title is pretty ironic because I generally don’t like pink, but I do like coral and salmon and that is pretty much the color of this cowl.

Now one qualm I have about this project is that I already have one and I decided to make this one because I was looking at some of the finished projects on the pattern page and some people had used some really bright vibrant yarn and with the mohair it just looked luscious and fabulous and I couldn’t resist. I haven’t decided if I will keep it or not, but if I choose to give it away I have a wonderful little 7-year-old niece who loves pink and whose Birthday is in February.

Well as of right now I am going strong on my cast on project list. Once I get off of here I plan to gauge and cast on my Jane Richmond Raglan sweater. But I am worried that I am going to have some problems in my future with the whole feeling overwhelmed with so many projects. For those of you who don’t know today is the day I started my first semester of grad school for school counseling and for this semester I am only taking online classes so I need to be diligent with them, I am also working 4 hours a day for the YMCA after school program, and before I started this adventure I kind of forgot that I got hired on to make two hats, a baby hat, and two pairs of fingerless gloves. Well I was reminded of that today by the people who hired me because I told them after Christmas to remind me, well it’s after Christmas. On top of that I got asked to make three more fingerless gloves.

So right now it looks like once my cast on challenge is over all of those project will be put on the back burners until I can get those other projects done.

Here’s a link to my welted cowl project page on ravelry.

I really like how the color is fading in and out. It's kind of following along perfectly with the welts.

I really like how the color is fading in and out. It’s kind of following along perfectly with the welts.


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