Welted Cowl

Wcowlell my most recent finished object is the welted cowl from Jane Richmond. I’m really enjoyed knitting it up. It really didn’t take much time at all, the pattern was super simple, free, and one that you could pick up and put back down without the worry of losing your place. Also it gives me a project to use mohair with. I really like mohair yarn, but I can never seem to find projects that I like that mohair would be an appropriate choice for, this is it. I have a feeling that there will be at least one more in the future, who knows. I just know after looking at some other people’s finished project and the colors they used it made me want to cast on another one in the salmon mohair yarn I have had lying around for over two years now.

Just starting out.

Just starting out.

Well back to the pattern. I did switch two things while making it. The first thing I did was use the cable cast on where the pattern called for the long-tail cast on. I chose to do the cable cast on because though the long-tail is faster I hate the idea of having an extremely long-tail left over because I feel like it’s a waste of yarn. Also if I screwed up in the cast-on mohair is incredibly hard to pull out especially when dealing the cast on. So I decided on the cable cast-on because it does have a pretty stable and nice look to it.

The second thing that I did differently was that you are supposed to do 5 knit rows and 5 purl rows

13 times. I only did it 8 times. Mainly because I used up my entire ball of yarn, yes I did have a second ball in the same color/colorway, but I didn’t want to use up only about a 1/4 of that ball and then have it be useless. If it was a solid or an ombre colored yarn I could have used the excess in stripping for a later project, so I would have but it’s not. My friend and Mom said they liked the 8 better any way so it worked out regardless and I like it.

cowl 4cowl 2

Oh, on a completely unrelated topic, I just recently saw this youtube video and found it to be quite funny so I thought I would share. Enjoy!



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