Caramel, Creamsicles, and Pasta

Well this past week has been pretty crazy due to going back to work and squeezing in hangouts before people go back to school so I haven’t got to post about my most recent baking adventures and knitting completions. Back on New Years Eve I babysat so there really wasn’t any crazy shenanigans that night but earlier that day I had a blast.  My friend Ashley come over and well, the one thing you need to know about Ashley and I’s friendship is that are hangout’s about 75% of the time involve diy stuff, baking, and pinteresting. Now you may ask what the other 25% is, in case you were curious it is eating, watching movies, and talking.

So on this visit we decided to make Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark and Orange Creamsicle Truffles. If you would like to try either recipe you can click on the name of the desserts and follow the hyperlink to the blogs that the recipes were posted on.

The salted caramel pretzel bark came out really great. We did run into a few hiccups along the way though. First off we struggled making the caramel. I account that problem to the fact that we were using low fat butter, but I really don’t know. We finally got the caramel finished though it didn’t quite look like the picture and took forever so the second time around we just melted the caramel candies. The second hiccup was that we didn’t grease the foil in any way the caramel stuck to it. But over all it turned out really great. Here are some pictures:


The orange creamsicle truffles turned out equally as good, but we didn’t have any problems. We were very excited they turned out well and felt very fancy because we had to use orange zest. Yes we are nerds. The only thing was that making the truffles you had to roll them into little balls and that became messy. Recently everything I choose to make seems to end up getting messy.

Messy hands!

Messy hands!

Yummy orange creamsicle truffles.

Yummy orange creamsicle truffles.

While we were waiting for all of the dessert ingredients to chill for various reasons we made this pasta, it was very yummy. We had to improvise on the ingredients though and used dried herbs because we didn’t have fresh. Next time I make it I will use fresh herbs, like I said it was good with the dried, but fresh herbs I’m sure will make it even better.IMG_4351


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