Just an overview

Well the past two months have been an absolute whorl wind. November started Christmas knitting season and I was doing really well and was very much ahead of schedule. I even took on the task of dying yarn for two projects (first time dying experience), a new pattern, and two that I decided to design. Well my first hiccup hit when I made the turtles, they were the new pattern and well i had to crochet which I kind of despise doing and it just took longer than expected. Then I had to rip out the cupido that I was making for my sister because I kept forgetting to do the first step and the holden shawlette for my friend Marissa because I was a dummy and didn’t make a swatch and the gauge was wrong because I was using the wrong needle size.


Here’s the finished cupido. This is also one of the projects that I dyed. The yarn started out a robin egg blue. I dyed it because my sister prefers darker colors.

After all of those hiccups I thought the rough part was over but then I took on the task of making 4 more hats for friends to give as gifts. Being ahead of schedule I thought that would be okay but then I was at Pier 1 with my mom, she bumped something which knocked something glass over and I went to catch it. Needless to say it broke while I was attempting to catch it and I cut my pinky open right where my pinky bends, it needed three stitches.

But alas I got all 17 gifts done before all of their due dates. I am very relieved all my Christmas knitting is done because I can go back to knitting stuff for myself, making jewelry, and designing my own knitting patterns.


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